Brain Flower

I've been applying for jobs and internships for a couple of months and always mention Brain Flower, but was sworn to secrecy on the final details until it's April 17th release date.
Brain Flower Illustration Zine was originally concieved by Meghan Thome and it's previous two editions were digital only. Over the summer our program coordinator recieved a grant to take the publication to press. I, along with the other three AIGA student group officers, were responsible for all facets of the publication including layout, art direction, and editing. I served as copywriter and project manager, as well as creating layouts for two of the three articles, converting and correcting the images for print, and preparing the files for print. 
Please visit our webpage: and download the full version! It's awsome! 
Cover art created by Mina Paranjpe.
Layout I created for an article detailing our visit to Stefan Sagmeister's, "The Happy Show" when it visited Chicago. I also served as copy editor on this one. 
Layout I created for the article highlighting some of the events our AIGA student group has participated in this past academic year. My, who is that fetching your graphic designer posing with Art Directors Club Executive Director, Ignacio Oreamuno? Someone should probably hire her post haste! 
Interior layout pages. What a wild coincidence that it happens to be open to my collage! 
The center layout spread is a piece created by my friend and amazing illustrator, Zach Mory. This piece is actually about 36 inches long and had to be broken up into smaller bits to fit the layout. We're so glad Zach consented, because it's really stunning. 

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